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Little Bear Dayhome Agency

Child Care Services

Early Childhood Program

Early Childhood Philosophy and Program ... 

Little Bear Dayhome Agency offers an Early Childhood Education Program. We believe that children learn best through hands on experiences that are based on the children's interest and current abilities. The goal of the program is to foster new skills and abilities and support healthy development in each child socially, physically, creatively, intellectually, and emotionally. We follow the constructivist learning philosophy where children are able to learn through intentional play based programming.

Program Planning

All providers are given information that will specifically assist them with program planning.  This includes Monthly (Curriculum) Planning Sheets, Child Interest Sheets as well as other pertinent paperwork. All gross motor activities that take place inside/outside will be noted on the Curriculum Map daily.  It is the responsibility of the provider to plan a program that follows the Philosophy and Mission of Little Bear Dayhome Agency.  Home Visitors will routinely check program plans and offer advice and feedback.  Providers are responsible for letting Agency staff know if they require assistance with Program Planning.  Forms are available online from the Agency.


Anecdotal Observations

LB providers are required to observe and record each child a minimum of four times per month. These observations can be on planned activities or spontaneous events. Anecdotal Observations are to remain objective and free of inferences. Observations are to record what the provider specifically sees and hears the children doing. The Anecdotal Observation forms are available online under Provider Master Forms or from the Agency. The Anecdotal Observations are to be kept in the children's file and submitted yearly or as requested by agency staff. Pictures to go along with the observations are encouraged. If providers have not made the minimum number of anecdotal observations, they will be asked to include extra observations for the following month. Providers are able to complete Anecdotal Observations on the Infant Daily Log.


Mandatory Learning/Play Centers

LB providers must have play centers set up during operating hours. To allow the children to engage in true choices, a minimum of three (3) activities must be provided for each center. You may also choose to apply 1 topic to a Maximum of (2) play areas. Providers must also plan an Outside Gross Motor activity each day or field trip that the children may engage in. Children are required to have a minimum of sixty (60) minutes of physical activity each day weather permitting. If weather is not permitting (see 6.9.6) provider's are required to plan an inside gross motor activity to supplement. Samples of activities for each center are provided by the agency in Provider Planning Binders. Providers may also contact the Home Visitor for further clarification. During orientation periods, the agency staff will work with provides to train and brainstorm ideas for a developmentally appropriate program. Providers must have a minimum of six (6) different infant activities available for children 0-12 months old. Providers must have two (2) books available that are reflective of each play area. Providers must also record a minimum of two (2) objectives under Social, Emotional, Physical, Intellectual, and Creative Development. Providers are encouraged to contact the Home Visitor for further clarification.